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Bid In Our Auction

Image by Quino Al

Phone Bids

Fill Out a Phone Bid Form Here

What are phone bids? A member of our auction team will call you at the number you provide, for each lot # you would like to bid on. Fill out a form and email us a copy. 


Absentee Bids

Fill Out and Absentee Bid Form Here

Fill out an absentee bid form for the item(s) you'd like to bid. You can email us the copy or give us a call and we can fill it out for you.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


If you don't already have a liveauctioneers account, you can make one! We approve bidders for our auctions even after we go live. Request to join our current auction if you haven't done so already!



375 Fairfield Ave, Stamford, CT 06902

Stop by our gallery the day of auction and we will assign you a bidder # so you can start bidding live in-person. Please make sure to bring a valid ID.


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